METEO The METEO Project Français
machins pour enseigner la théorie économique avec ordinateur
The PIE Project
Programs for Instruction in Economics

The projet contains over 135 applications ("machins") designed to help present and learn some basic concepts of economic theory. Most of the applications are written in French. The following pages display the descriptions :

Alphabetical list of machins with images and without images (faster).
Thematic list of machins avec images and without images (faster).

Some applications have been tranlated into English :
bienpub.exe Efficient Production of a Public Good
This program shows how to find the efficent level of production of a public good using Paul A. Samuelson's model. The initial utility level of the first consumer can be changed. The production level of the public good can be altered to find the optimal level.
edgwrth2.exe Building an Edgeworth Box - Consumption
This program shows how an Edgeworth-Bowley box is constructed. It will be clear how a single point in the box represents four values : the quantities of two goods A and B allocated to two individuals 1 and 2. The total endowments of the goods can be altered.
equigen.exe General Equilibrium - Exchange Economy
This program continues from the previous one to show a general equilibrium in a two good, two consumer exchange economy. First, the initial allocation of goods is chosen. The either price can be modified to see how the same line in the Edgeworth Box represents both consumer budget lines. Each consumer's choice is then shown. The student can attempt to find the equilibrium prices when the budget constraints and the consumers choices are shown. The program will show the solution if required.
taton.exe Tatonnement
The student can try to find the equilibrium price system in a three good economy. Each price vector chosen by the student is normalized and then plotted on the price simplex. Excess demand for each good is shown. In effect the student is acting as Walras' auctionner. The programme will find the equilibrium with a tatonnement process if required.
walras.exe Walras
This program is similar to the previous one, execept the student is acting as Walras' auctionner in a 4 good 3 consumer economy. No graphics are drawn.The program will find the equilibrium with a tatonnement process if required.
fe1.exe Economic Functions
This program displays standard economic functions of two variables that are often used to represent either production possibilities or utilities. The program can construct a table of values or draw the surface of the function.

Note: This is the final version of the project. The last update has been available since the end of June 2015. The application no longer have a best before date.

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