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The News and Recent Posts page contains links and a short description to all the posts published in the last year or so. It can be seen by clicking on the news and recent posts icon at the top of each page on this site.

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The entry (in French) after a title indicates that there is no English translation of the post, even if the title is in English. I would like to make everything available in French and English, but in all probably some pages will never be translated.

Date Revised
May 11First Look at the Super Mini ESP32-C3
April 3(16-4-2024)Adding an IKEA VALLHORN Motion Sensor in Domoticz
March 30The XIAO ESP32C6 is Unveiled by Seeed Studio
March 4(11-3-2024)Some X10 devices refuse to die (in French)
January 31A PSA About CC2531 USB Zigbee Dongles
January 19Obtaining the Public IP Address of a Local Network Connected to the Internet
January 5(8-01-2024)Adding an Ikea Trådfri Shortcut Button in Domoticz
December 23Converting another Amlogic S192 TV Box Into a Linux Appliance - I
December 13(2-1-2024)Storage and Code Woes
December 13(2-1-2024)More Trouble
November 10(2-1-2024)Things Like SD Cards and Code Do Fail
June 20Adding a Local Network Time Server in Linux
June 6(21-07-2023)GNATS, a Tiny Basic ESP32 GPS Based NTP Server
April 24(24-05-2023)A Wi-Fi Switch for Domoticz using a XIAO ESP32C3 - Part 4 Commands - version 0.0.8
April 24(27-05-2023)A Wi-Fi Switch for Domoticz using a XIAO ESP32C3 - Part 3 Better User Experience
April 20(26-04-2023)A Wi-Fi Switch for Domoticz using a XIAO ESP32C3 - Part 2 Asynchronious Web Page Updates
March 25(24-06-2023)A Wi-Fi Switch for Domoticz using a XIAO ESP32C3 - Part 1 Demonstration Projects
February 25(1-03-2023)First Look at the Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32C3
Februrary 12Local Control of Two Sonoff Switches
January 29A Second Look at the W600-PICO Development Board
November 21Macro Keyboard: an Arduino and Free Pascal/Lazarus Project (in French)
August 19Mochad on Recent Linux Distributions
August 8Installing WireGuard on openmediavault 6.0.24 (August 2022)
July 3(5-08-2022)Turning an Amlogic S192 Android TV Box into a Linux Appliance
June 30OctoPrint on a Rock Pi S D4W
June 19Armbian 21.08 / Ubuntu Focal 20.04 on a Rock Pi S D4W
May 30Sonoff Zigbee Bridge Gateway (ZBBridge) with Domoticz (in French)
May 27BLE Beacons with Tasmota32 - Proof of Concept
May 22Installing the AT Firmware on an ESP-01S
April 29(15-12-2022)A First Look at the Winner Micro W600
April 20Blink on a NodeMCU ESP-12H-Kit
March 26Three, Nay, Four Hardware Serial Ports on a SAM D21 XIAO
March 17(13-02-2023)Bluetooth®, PulseAudio, and BlueALSA in Raspberry Pi OS Lite (March 2022)
March 6Free Pascal/Lazarus TThread Gotchas
February 23(19-02-2023)NFS Share Over a WireGuard Tunnel
February 21The Mosquitto MQTT Broker in Raspberry Pi OS (Bullseye)
February 6WireGuard on Raspberry Pi OS (Bullseye)
December 22(5-01-2022)The ESP32-CAM as a Video Server (in French)
December 14First Look at the ESP32-CAM (in French)
November 20W3C LogValidator in cPanel
November 11(25-11-2021)Cleaning a Web Site
November 2Bluetooth and BlueALSA in Raspberry Pi OS Lite (November 2021)
October 17Additional Servers on a Raspberry Pi Based Home Automation System
September 30Home Automation System on a Raspberry Pi
September 25(27-11-2021)Installing and Configuring WireGuard on Raspberry Pi OS (September 2021)
September 10Setting up a Raspberry Pi as a Headless Computer in September 2021
September 1Web Site Offline in Previous Three Days
August 15HA Bridge and Alexa Device Discovery
August 9E-mail Notification of a Changed or Lost Public IP Address
July 19DIY Tasmota Backups
July 5(10-07-2021)DIY Tasmota Backups (version 0.3)
June 15Tide Data in Canada with Python - new REST API (May 2021) (in French)
June 9First Designs with OpenSCAD
May 27(02-10-2021)On Translating Free Pascal/Lazarus Programs
May 9python-is-python Pain
April 3Scanning with the Brother DCP-7040 Multifunction Printer in Mint 20.1 or Ubuntu 20.04
March 29First 3D Prints with an ANYCUBIC Mega Zero
March 25OctoPrint on a Raspberry Pi 3 - the Hard Way
March 3Installing WireGuard on openmediavault 5.6.1 (March 2021)
Februray 12Installing an OS on the Rock Pi S
January 6Installing and Configuring WireGuard on Raspberry Pi OS (January 2021)
December 13ESP32 Internet Radio II
December 12ESP32 Internet Radio
November 30The XIAO as a USB-Serial Converter
November 29GFX fonts with arbitrary character sets (in French)
October 238 Bit GFXfonts
September 5Ubuntu 20.04 Server: Wi-Fi, Snap, etc.
August 17DNS and Static IP Address
August 3(05-08-2020)Installing and Configuring WireGuard on Raspberry Pi OS (August 2020)
July 28(01-08-2020)Installing WireGuard on all Raspberry Pi Models (July 2020)
July 4(30-07-2020)Installing and Configuring WireGuard on Raspberry Pi OS (May 2020)
June 24"Hello XIAO" in PlatformIO
June 21(20-07-2021)I²C Clock and EEPROM Memory Module in Rasberry Pi OS
May 29(12-06-2020)Domoticz Backup Scripts
May 10(18-07-2020)Serial Peripheral Interface on the Raspberry Pi
May 4(20-03-2023)Seeeduino XIAO Serial Communication Interfaces (SERCOM)
May 3Adding the Seeeduino XIAO in PlatformIO
April 24I²C Light Sensor using a Seeeduino XIAO
April 17Installing and Configuring WireGuard on Raspbian Buster
April 11Asynchronous Ping for an ESP8266 Internet Watchdog
April 4(14-06-2022)Overview of the SAMD21 Arm Cortex-M0+ Based Seeeduino XIAO
April 3Blink with a Wio Lite RISC-V
March 31"Hello World!" with the Longan Nano
March 28Raspberry Pi Hardware Watchdog: Two Pies Please
March 5I2C on the Orange Pi PC 2 with Armbian Bionic
February 29ALSA and Bluetooth on the Orange Pi PC 2 with Armbian Bionic
February 21The DS3231 Century Flag and Day of Week Register
February 18(21-06-2020)I2C clock and EEPROM memory module for Raspberry Pi
February 16A Second Look at the Orange Pi PC 2
February 5Rethinking the Raspberry Pi Hardware Watchdog
January 16Using the Sparkfun Tiny AVR Programmer in Ubuntu 18.04
December 13Upgrading U-Boot and Installing Linux on a Headless La Frite (AML-S805X-AC)
December 9The Domoticz Time Synchronization Problem
December 7(21-19-2019)Cheap Of-the-Shelf Raspberry Pi Hardware Watchdog
November 12(10-02-2024)Various Hardware with Raspbian Buster Lite
November 8No More Tasmota/ESP8266 Mosquitto MQTT Disconnects
November 2Home Automation Servers on Raspbian Buster Lite
November 1(15-12-2019)Domoticz Tips, Tricks & Info
October 27(05-11-2019)Installation and Configuration of Raspbian Buster Lite
October 15Hardware Watchdog - Need Information
October 8(13-10-2019)Push Button and LED on a Single GPIO Pin
September 25An ESP8266 Based Router Watchdog
August 22(01-10-2019)Flash Tasmota on a Sonoff in DIY Mode in Linux
July 11(14-07-2019)First Taste of La Frite (AML-S805X-AC) from Libre Computer
July 4(14-07-2019)Installing WireGuard on Raspbian Stretch and Buster
July 2Bluetooth, BlueALSA and Buster
June 16(28-05-2019)Wi-Fi Dimmer with Domoticz (in French)
May 18(14-06-2021)Tide Data in Canada with Python
May 10May 2019 Domoticz Update
April 9Raspberry Pi and Domoticz Watchdog
March 12Remote Logging of the Orange Pi Zero Core Temperature
March 9Remote Logging and Email Notification
February 28Emulated IR Remote Control
February 15HA Bridge on Armbian Working with Domoticz and Alexa
February 9(11-02-2019)ir-keytable on the Orange Pi Zero
February 5LIRC on the Orange Pi Zero
February 3Using Bare Metal IR on the Orange Pi Zero
January 31Creating a Custom Armbian Image
January 30Using HA Bridge with the Echo Dot 3rd Generation
January 28A Note on BlueAlsa 0.9 with BlueZ 5.49 and 5.50 on Rasbian Stretch
January 26A Note on BlueAlsa 0.9 with BlueZ 5.43 on Rasbian Stretch
January 24Creating a custom image of Raspbian (in French)
January 22Installing an Older Version of Lighttpd
January 16New Hardware (Episode 2): IP Camera, Itead Sonoff Goodies, and Amazon Echo Dot
January 10(20-01-2019)Updating Raspbian to Stretch
December 16Three Small Projects Based on the ESP8266(in French)
December 12Not Everthing Works
October 30Install Free Pascal and Lazarus on Linux with FPCUPdeluxe
October 9Qwant Search Engine (in French)
Septembre 29More Weather API
Septembre 3ESP8266/Arduino Core version 2.4.2 and WPS
Septembre 1Installing Ubuntu 18.04.1, Additions and Adjustements (in French)
August 17Installing Free Pascal and Lazarus with fpcupdeluxe on Ubuntu 18.04
August 13(16-08-2018)Installing Ubuntu 18.04.1 (in French)
June 24(27-06-2018)A Third ESP8266 Watchdog, Final Version
June 12Automatic Recovery from a Cycle of ESP8266 Restarts (in French)
June 9A Third ESP8266 Watchdog, Simplified Version (in French)
May 25Blinking a LED, an Arduino Library
May 23Detecting Multiple Button Clicks in an Arduino Sketch
May 16Internet Radio Player based on MOC
May 14Bluetooth Audio with Rasbian Stretch on the Raspberry Pi 3
May 8Music on Console, ALSA, and Bluetooth on Raspbian Stretch
April 11(23-04-2018)Secure Webcam streaming with MJPG-Streamer on a Raspberry Pi
April 9CSS float and clear attributes and clearfix
April 6Using Multiple Search Engines From A Single HTML Form
March 31Google Assistant with snowboy Hotword Recognition (circa March 2018)
March 13New Hardware: Micro SD Cards, ReSpeaker 2-Mics Pi HAT and Xiaomi 3G Router
March 2The cthreads Unit in Linux (Free Pascal)
February 24Running a Process in a Thread (Free Pascal)
February 23Updating Free Pascal and Lazarus with fcpupdeluxe on Ubuntu 17.10
February 17The Yahoo! Weather API with Free Pascal
February 7Music on Console with Armbian on an Orange Pi Zero
February 2Spoken Weather Forecasts and Internet Radio on the Orange Pi Zero with Armbian
January 18Google Home Mini with Domoticz using IFTTT
January 15Installing the Brother DCP-7040 Scanner in Ubuntu 17.10
January 10Google Home Mini with Domoticz using IFTTT
January 2Removing Nuisance Messages in Raspberry Pi Syslog
December 14(02-12-2021)Python 3 virtual environments
December 4(19-01-2018)Baby Bluetooth Steps on Raspberry Pi 3 - Raspbian (Stretch)
November 27Serial Connection with the Orange Pi Zero
November 26Voice Recognition on the Orange Pi Zero (DietPi Armbian)
November 16Hotword Detection with snowboy on an Orange Pi Zero running DietPi
November 8Raspian from OrangePi.org for the Orange Pi Zero
November 6Google Assistant on an Orange Pi Zero running DietPi
October 31Updating to Sonoff-Tasmota
October 22(25-10-2020)Syslog Server on Raspian and Tasmota Remote Logging
October 18Domoticz on an Orange Pi Zero, a First Look
October 17HTTPS, HTTP and GTML (in French)
September 19(28-09-2017)Another ESP8266 NodeMCU Development Board
September 11(05-06-2018)A Better ESP8266 Loop Watchdog and Better Recovery
August 28Arduino Sketch Managed ESP8266 Watchdog
August 26(27-08-2017)ESP8266 Watchdogs in Arduino
July 3Temperature Sensors - Take 2
June 25Temperature Sensors on a Raspberry Pi hosting Domoticz
June 3Workflow when Working with a Headless Raspberry Pi
June 1Motion and Dusk Sensor with CM11A in Domoticz
May 31X10 RF controller with a CM19A Interface in Domoticz/td>
May 30MQTT with Domoticz
May 27X10 Dimmer Switches with a CM11A Interface in Domoticz
May 23X10 On/Off Switches with a CM11A Interface in Domoticz
May 20Domoticz on a Raspberry Pi - "Déjà Vu All Over Again"
May 19Over the Air Sonoff Flashing
May 19Flashing a Sonoff with the Arduino IDE (2) (in French)
May 17Flashing a Sonoff with the Arduino IDE (1) (in French)
May 15Real Time Clock, DS3231, for Domoticz on the Raspberry Pi
April 20Local Control of Sonoff Switches
March 14Translating Console Applications in Free Pascal
February 12Adding an ActiveEye Motion Sensor
February 10BlitzWolf SIC1 Wifi Surveillance Camera... Again
February 9USB-Serial Converter, Counterfeit or Not?
February 1Sonoff, NodeMCU and Domoticz
January 31Emulating a Sonoff Switch with a Wemos D1 mini
January 30(22-06-2017)NodeMCU, MQTT and Domoticz - part 2
January 23(03-02-2018)Flashing a Sonoff Switch with a Raspberry Pi
January 17NodeMCU, MQTT and Domoticz - part 1
January 15(22-06-2017)Wemos D1 mini and NodeMCU
January 13Using the BlitzWolf SIC1 Camera in Domoticz (in French)
January 13Using the BlitzWolf SIC1 Camera in Kodi (in French)
January 12Setting up the BlitzWolf SIC1 Wifi Surveillance Camera
January 11The BlitzWolf SIC1 Surveillance Camera in the Cold (in French)
January 3First use of a BlitzWolf BW-SIC1 Wifi Surveillance Camera (in French)
December 21Domoticz as a Linux Program
December 21Domoticz on Android
December 19Add MQTT to Domoticz
December 19Add an MQTT Broker to the Raspberry Pi
December 17(10-02-2017)Conditional Timers in Domoticz
December 13Domespic [5] Extensions
December 13Domespic [4] Install Domoticz
December 13Domespic [3] Install Mochad and Heyu
December 13Domespic [2] Install Raspbian
December 13Domespic [1] Descriptions
December 13X10 with Domoticz on Raspberry Pi (Domespic)
December 12Update to Installing eWeLink on an Android Tablet
December 4Home Automation Reboot
November 22(12-12-2016)Install eWeLink on an Android Tablet
August 30Conversion of measurement units
August 4August 2016 Update on the Status of X10
July 13(14-03-2017)Parsing and Evaluating Mathematical Expressions in Object Pascal
July 6List Separator in Linux
June 19GTML an HTML pre-processor
April 4Free Pascal/Lazarus gotchas
January 24(01-27-2016)First Lazarus Component - Part 2
March 3(12-8-2016)End of X10, Again?
March 2X10's Bright Future?
September 5Doing without ActiveHome Software
September 2Demise of X10
July 15ActiveHome Pro SDK (ahsdk) with Delphi
June 5Parsing and Evaluation Mathematical Expressions