Setting up the BlitzWolf SIC1 Wifi Surveillance Camera
January 12th, 2017

The BlitzWolf SIC1 Wifi Surveillance Camera is relatively new. Its reasonable price and apparently solid construction that presumably can withstand the rigours of Maritime winters made it attractive. I described my first impressions before (in French).

Like many others, I criticized the software and poor documentation. Earlier today, I returned the camera to factory settings (albeit with the newest firmware at the time: 2.0.531) and set it up again. I tried to record the steps I followed in the hope that this may help others. My apologies for any forgotten steps or errors.

Wireless AP Mode

This is a quick way to check that the camera is working. It will act as a wireless access point and a Wifi enabled device (desktop computer, tablet or phone) capable of running BlitzCam software will be connected to it. In what follows, I describe connecting a desktop computer running Windows in that fashion.

This point to point wireless connexion is not practical if the computer is to be used for other functions that require access to Internet. So, remember to reconnect Window's Wifi to the local area network Wifi router.

LAN Mode - Ethernet

By default, the camera uses DHCP to get a dynamic IP address from the local area network router (or DHCP server if it is not on the router). It may be possible to set a fixed IP address; I have not checked because I had already arranged for the assignment of a fixed IP address by the router.

LAN Mode - Wifi

To enable Wifi connexions to the camera, it must be informed of the local network identity (SSID) and password (WPA/...). To do that you must connect to the camera with BlitzCam and use its ability to modify the camera's settings.